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Our Green Key label a reflection of our strong values

Camping et hôtel eco-responsable en Vendée

Our ecological commitments: real and monitored by an independent European body

Green Key Certified since 2011, the La Forêt campsite resort and its charming hotel Les Villas du Bois Marin are committed to sustainable tourism while wishing to offer a unique experience to its customers.

The town of Saint-Jean-de-Monts and the campsite resort les Villas du Bois Marin are associated in a process of co-construction of its service offer to “commit to a sustainable destination”

The European Green Key label, a European organisation, certifies the commitment of luxury campsites in terms of various aspects: environmental policy, environmental awareness, living environment, responsible purchasing, water management, waste management and energy management.

The establishment is be evaluated annually to ensure compliance with the criteria established by the label with regard to respect for the environment, responsible purchasing and the living environment. This assessment also provides holidaymakers with the choice of staying on a remarkable site close to the ocean, that is confirmed to be ecological and meeting the requirements of sustainable tourism.

To encourage strong values for the team, we have implemented a CSR approach and are committed to sustainable tourism that preserves nature and harmony among all.
The Green Key label of our campsite resort and its outdoor hotel ensures the seriousness and credibility of the approach which is as virtuous as it is factually controllable.

Sustainable tourism, Our priority for your holiday

Sustainable tourism aims to improve environmental and social conditions related to tourism. Engaged institutions must maximise the use of environmental resources and conserve natural resources and biodiversity; they must also be tolerant of socio-cultural diversity and ensure sustainable economic activity.

La Forêt campsite resort and its outdoor hotel Les Villas du Bois Marin have been implementing a policy of sustainable development of its activity for several years as well as an energy saving policy.

The new residences of the premium district (lodges) were all built bespoke in Vendée with a concern for a sustainable design, ensuring perfect insulation and recyclability of materials and a short circuit. The villas (lodges) have all been set up as being at one with the ecosystem. The private gardens on offer have the function of refreshing private or collective spaces and ensuring the proper functioning of inter-species exchanges around the coast, the dune and the state forest without forgetting the Breton Vendée swamp.

Camping tourisme durable en Saint Jean de Monts
Camping tourisme durable La Barre de Monts / Fromentine en Vendée

Our actions for a 100% committed energy saving approach

The campsite resort has been implementing a sustainable development policy for its activity for several years, as well as an energy saving policy:

  • “Committed for a sustainable destination” label from the Pays de Saint Jean de Monts 
  • Solar heating pool, spa and reception building
  • Villas Lodges constructed from wood meeting the standards of green construction
  • Environmentally designed mobile homes and ISO 14001
  • Recyclable electrical cases
  • Water saving through a rainwater recycling system
  • Water distribution by means of “Presto” tap and shower economiser and “Ecoperl” WWF approved water reducer
  • Respect for the environment with the use of hygiene products approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment (Eco-certified)
  • Selective sorting of waste
  • Moderate establishment of accommodation and integration into the landscape
  • A park with trees and flowers of more than 70 different species winner of the competition “Parks and landscapes of your communities”
  • Educational signage for users
  • Proposed “nature” discovery of the local heritage
  • Establishment of an environmental quality charter in 2008 (green key label) link
  • Payable provision of bicycles for stays
  • Completion of an environmental audit by the “Socotec”